Choosing The Right Packaging Box

You will now be sending out all your parcels in normal dimensions packaging, like the ever-useful cardboard box. With a cardboard box for packaging your merchandise is excellent for many people. They are quick and user friendly, and you may often have your products packaged and prepared for dispatch in only a couple of minutes.

Most firms operate in the manner described above to send out their goods to clients. However just using regular dimensions “Off the shelf” boxes might actually be costing you a great deal of cash in the future if you’re sending a large volume of bundles by means of a courier, as I’ll explain later.

The reason behind this, is whilst you can purchase normal size cardboard boxes quite easily, not many companies really make “Standard” dimension solutions. So, in several circumstances the simple fact your products fit within the box doesn’t signify it is the ideal box for your occupation!

From the first case if the box is only big enough to match what you’re sending inside, then you might wind up with more damage to parcels in transit than you want. This could possibly be attributed to not having enough space in the box to get adequate packaging materials.

When the cardboard box is too large then you might be spending a lot on packaging stuff to fill out it. Packaging materials can be costly and thus you might be spending more than you want on packaging.

Finally a cardboard box which is larger than it must be might be costing you with your courier, (Especially in the event that you send via airmail) as some couriers currently bill by a pricing matrix which takes into account the parcels dimensions, in addition to its own weight.

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